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 7 Great Reasons to Visit the Island of Sri Lanka :

Sri Lanka is one of those places that you hear about, but you may not say, “I’d loved to travel there.”, so why not find out more about this beautiful island and put it on your top places to visit. We are here today to share 7 Great Reasons to Visit the Island of Sri Lanka and hopes to inspire you and your travel plans… Sri Lanka of course, along with too many other places to even start listing, has had a troubled history, but this is probably just nature’s way of making sure that the island has plenty of cultural attractions for the modern visitor to enjoy. Every cloud has a silver lining, and you don’t get more silvery than this, a glittering teardrop in the midst of the magical Indian Ocean.

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Vivienne Kaunds

Travelling with The Blueberry Trails has always been a absolute joy, the trips are not only planned well but also executed impeccably. Even though i travel alone with my baby, it never gets lonely. And so we continue to explore more with our favourite travel buddies - the team at Blueberry Trails!

Meghalaya is a land of simplicity and beauty.. A perfect escape that makes you realize that less is definitely more! Looking forward to many more wonderful trips ahead! :)


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