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Deepika Gumaste

"I belong to a family of nerds and travel lovers and therefore have been given itchy feet genetically. I dream of quitting my career one day, selling off all my possessions and truly be a vagabond someday. But while I'm taking care of my worldly responsibilities, I believe in taking weekend breaks and once a year make an annual; pilgrimage to my favourite place in the world.I don't believe in following one single school of thought. After all variety is the spice of life. I let the destination decide. For e.g.- The Himalayas are all about adventure, while my recent trip to rural backyard of Maharashtra of Bordi, taught me what it means to "enjoy life with bare minimum necessities."


Vidhi Shah

I wholeheartedly recommend Blueberry Trails to everyone who wants to explore the Roof Top Of The World - Leh Ladakh in its real form. BBT designed a terrific trip to Leh Ladakh for us! They really took care to understand what we wanted, and customizedthe holiday accordingly. We managed to fit in so much more than we could possibly have done in 12 days if we had arranged it ourselves, and all the experiences were really fabulous. Accommodations were in homely & cozy guesthouses/ home stays & tents and we saw an enormous variety of aspects of Leh. The itinerary mapped out for us gave us a feel and flavor of Leh Ladakh in its true sense. Blueberry trials had an excellent and reliable staff of local guides and drivers arranged for us. We felt completely comfortable in their hands. Thank you Sudeepta and the entire team of Blueberry Trails for a truly wonderful and an unforgettable experience!

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