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10 wonderful Winter Europe experiences you need to try

Life is a mix of experiences, some of them are unforgettable. One such experience is being in Europe in winter. Cold nights, cozy mornings, some of which can be rainy, Beautiful hues, Christmas lights and mulled wine. What’s not to love? 

Here is a list of top experiences that are unmissable during your time in Europe and each of them need a trip of their own. The question is, where are you going, first? Let The Blueberry Trails give you a taste of Winter Europe Experiences

 1. Christmas Markets: The streets are lined up with twinkling lights, stalls are serving plum cakes and mulled wine and lots of Christmas candies. Santas are ringing bells and there are carols playing in every lane. It’s a magical time to be in Europe and I just described every Christmas market you will see. Its just the scale of the market that differs from city to city. But if you are in Europe during winters (post 15th Nov) the chances that you will witness such splendor is absolute. So map out the best Christmas markets and set off on a market hopping journey, wont you?




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 2. Husky and Reindeer sledding in Lapland: A trip to the winter wonderland of Lapland is on everyone’s list at one point of the other. Discovering snow covered landscapes on a sledge with reindeers, or petting huskies in their farms is a source of immense joy to most of us. Yes it is going to be cold, think sub zero, but when you have a visit to a farm which ends in a warm Sami meal, the experience calls for a celebration. Winter wonderland adventures definitely make it very high on our list of top experiences in Winter in Europe.  You can customize your plan to Lapland to be a part of this adventure.



 3. Festivals: Who said Winter is offseason? With the list of festivals running in each country in the continent, this time is anything but dull. Venice carnival is hosted in Jan end, Amsterdam light festival is held post Nov 30th, Snow and Sculpture festival in Belgium complement the Christmas Markets November onwards, Carnivals in Cologne and Nice and a fire festival in Leverick Scotland keep the temperatures soaring. The Momentum Skii festival in Switzerland in February and an Altitude Comedy festival in a ski resort of Austria combines skiing and comedy. So much to do, so much to see. So much to experience, its all here in the winters.





 4. Northern Lights: Many trips are made in search of the Aurora Fairies, who are a playful lot. Their presence is dependent on many things, day light hours, magnetic fields and cloud cover being some. So for those travelers who visit Iceland, Norway, Sweden or Finland witnessing this magical phenomena is very high on their list.  So make your way to the north of the continent for a tete a tete with the Aurora borealis.




 5. Winter only food: While the temperatures start plummeting, the kitchens across Europe start getting ready to warm its folks from the inside. From the U.K. to France and Italy, and across Denmark, Germany and Sweden, European country's turn out comfort food extraordinaire to shield us from the cold weather. Traditional dishes like bubbly, cheesy, hot fondue from the Swiss Alps, Swedish meatballs, and hearty lamb stew from Ireland, mulled wine for Christmas have warmed generations of Europeans — and continue to do so. Nowadays chefs are also open to giving a modern day twist to the dishes to keep the food adventurer guessing the origins of a particular dish.



 6. Train Journeys:  The saying “it is not about the destination but the journey” is so true when it comes to the European Rail network. The experiences is a must do when you are there and especially rail journeys that offer panoramic views are spectacular. Don’t forget the Panoramic journeys of the Swiss Railway, they will surely take your breath away!




 7. Hot springs: Temperatures outside is ten degrees and dipping and the water in the spring is 40 degrees. Don’t forget to experience the calming waters of mineral baths during your time in Europe. Iceland, Budapest, Italy, UK all host spa baths which have medicinal capabilities and supremely relaxing qualities. Yummy!




 8. Skiing Holidays: YES its for the adrenalin junkies, learning the ropes and making their spring across slopes. But for the rest of the time is for a relaxed time in obscure villages, with good food and a slow life on offer. These Skiing destinations are mostly mountain villages: They are just as you imagined them when you were a child: authentic mountain villages, traditional chalets, firewood cooking in an indescribable atmosphere. Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy should be your top choice if you are looking for these hamlets to have a quiet little getaway




 9. Santa Claus Land: What’s a better way to spend Christmas than in the birthplace of Santa Claus. Be a part of the yuletide cheer with writing letters, singing carols, visiting the Santa Claus village and meeting Santa, all the way in Rovaniemi, Finland.



 10. Sleeping in a snow hotel: Living in a hotel made of snow during winter is a different experience on the bucket list of many, including mine. To live in a hotel made of snow, when temperatures outside are dipping sub zero is quite an adventure and you can experience this in a few locations in Europe, mostly Lapland. Sorrisniva in Alta, Norway, Snow hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, Kirkenes Snowhotel in Norway or the Arctic Glass igloos in Saariselka , Finland. So many to choose from and yet during the season it is hard to find availability in each of them.







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