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5 experiences in Lahaul Spiti Valley you cannot miss

It’s that time of the year again. Most of us mountain lovers are packing our bags to head uphill. Where the clouds have cleared and the snow is melting and the waterfalls are still crystal clear, where life is simple, smiles are true and the chai wallah almost recognizes you. Well almost. These monsoons we are yet again heading out to Ladakh and Spiti Valley with an exciting set of travelers: filmmakers, doctors, ad agency pundits, travel writers, bankers all come together to head out to the Himalayas. The mountains unite them all. And the ten thousand experiences that await them there, each day. Some good, some not so good and some life changing.

We are hosting a trip to Lahaul Spiti and we have a list of TOP 5 experiences that you just cannot miss if you there.





1. Camping on the banks of Chandratal


Crescent shaped like the moon, this high altitude lake is located at 14100 ft above sea level. A favourite with trekkers and campers, the banks of  the lake are a bed of wildflowers during spring time and this is where the camp site are set up. But if you are thinking Camping Pangong Tso style then this is NOT it. No swiss tents here, its good old fashioned camping with common loos and howling winds for company at night. But the sights that the camping experience provide are mesmerising. Waking up to these sights are what dreams are made of.  Chandra Tal is accessible from Bataal (by road) and Kunzum Pass (8 kms on foot). This high altitude camping should be an adventure that you won't forget for a while now.





2. Bicycling at Kaza


The town of Kaza forms the gateway to villages of Kye, Kibber and Komic. It is the biggest town in Spiti, situated along the Spiti river, a sort of head quarter for the entire valley. You see shops and commerce, something that is not very regular in this completely cut off land of Spiti.  While we form our base as Kaza for a couple of days, when we venture deeper int the valley-there are many experiences that one can enjoy at Kaza itself. Bicycling from Kaza to neighbouring villages, experiencing the mountain roads of the Valley on your mountain bikes will be an exhilarating adventure for you.  Bikes on hire in Kaza are not very easily available, but asking around locals, should lead you to a good bike hire shop. Biking is a part of The Blueberry Trails trip in July. For those who like the motorbikes, bullets are an option for you. Though Kaza is a very tiny town with limited resources, but getting a bike on hire is possible. Your stays may have that option. Please check the quality of bikes before you take them, as the previous driver may just have stressed  it out a bit.






3. Homestay experience in the highest village in the Himalayas


Komic is located 4513m above sea level.  With total 13  households, and cut off from the nearest town by a 7hour hike, it definitely has its charm. A homestay experience here will definitely be something to make many stories around, a simple stay, the Spitian Way of life. Local food, local culture, and a hike to the monastery nearby-the slow pace of life will definitely win your heart and make you question the fast lives we live back in the city.

Spiti Trivia: Spiti also houses the highest post office in the world at Hikkim and the highest Petrol Pump in the world at Kaza.





4. Riverside escapades at Jispa


Jispa is green, lush, cool. Sparkling rivers and tiny hamlets and a busy highway leading up to Ladakh. The Lahaul Valley is a different tale than Spiti valley, where the landscape is harsh, and barren -like Tibet. Lahaul has alpine forests and friendly mountain villages, a gorgeous campsite will host you here. And there are plenty of local hikes you can head out to in Gemur village or have a sunset picnic on the banks of the Bhaga river. Lie on the green meadows, catch up on some reading or some good old conversations. Chai and sandwiches ahoy!





5.  Ropeway in Chichum Village


A simple mechanical ropeway connects Chichum village with Kibber in Spiti. It forms a bridge across the Parilungbo canyon to save the locals from the steep uphill climb. A sleepy village on the other side of a deep gorge. It is simply operated by the one sitting in the small box or can be pulled by someone on the other side. A thrilling indigenous adventure for those who are looking for some chills in this remote valley.



Images: Shoesontheloose | Shootingstar |Indiatravel | Ayan Ghosh


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