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7 Reasons why Iceland is awesome in winter

This magical land has been a travel inspiration to many, and despite being so close to the Arctic circle, and contrary to common belief, winters are a great time to visit Iceland. If you are looking for a great trip away this winter, something that is different from the rest-Iceland makes for a great bet! Here are 7 reasons why its such a great idea to do Iceland in winters.


1. Beautiful light: 

Day light hours are limited in winter. But despite the house, when the sun does come out, it makes for brilliant lighting for photographs. The slant of the sun rays are something else , during this time of the year. In the daylight the sun is not rising very high above the horizon, it hovers low for a long time creating beautiful soft golden lightning. Whether you are professional or amateur photographer, your pictures will look truly stunning!  And despite being so close to the arctic circle it gets relatively good amount of sun throughout the year. The lowest being for 5 hours ranging from 11am - 4pm.

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2. Its not that cold: 

Despite being so close to the Arctic circle, and contrary to what its name suggests, its is not that immensely unbearable cold during the winter. Infact in the winter months, cities of Paris, London, NY get much colder. The reason being the gulf stream that ends up moderating the temperature. So it goes to a zero degrees and the added wind chill. But apart from that winter is completely doable!

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3. Icelandic Airwaves festival: 

If the sights and the fireworks in the sky are not enough to lure you to Iceland in winter, then the Airwaves festival which hits Reykjavik should get you charged! Supported by Icelandair, Iceland Airwaves showcases hot new international bands, as well as Icelandic artists that are on the rise. The festival has a unique start as a one-time gig in an airplane hanger in 1999. Only 5 bands performed, but now it’s one of the most upscale events in the international music scene. It happens every year in November.



4. Northern lights: 

A natural light show that's the result of a collision between sun and earth particles. It's easier to see in winter because the nights are longer. The sightings are highest in November-Feb end and that coincides with the winter season of this magical land.

5. Great deals on flights/stays: 

Iceland Air proves some insane offers, which allows you to stop over in Reykjavik for the weekend or more, at no additional price. Apart from these airfare deals, if you are flying near the Atlantic, the overall prices are lower, and that in an expensive country like Iceland makes it quite a sweet deal! Stays, car hire charges  see a big difference in prices,  and that always helps. Also all the spots are much less crowded and you get plenty of time to experience the place at a slower pace.

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6. Icelandic horses are even cuter: 

Be ready to scratch lots of Icelandic horses! I mean lots of them! They are naturally very friendly and want to cuddle all the time. Always when you are walking nearby, they are approaching you, sucking your sleeves and asking for some scratching.

In the cold season they develop a thick winter fur which protects them from the cold, snow and rain... and makes them cuter than ever. 


7. Winter Only sights: 

Standing on the black sand beach of Vík while everything else is surrounded by snow will make you feel like you are in a black and white movie—or another world. Sure, Iceland always looks like a magical fantasy land, but its frozen waterfalls and colorful rows of houses rising up from a blanket of pure white can only be seen in the off-season. Those clear, crisp winter nights are also when you have the best chance of catching the Northern Lights.

Iceland is home to glaciers that cover roughly 10 percent of the island—and while you can visit them any time of the year, the water running through their caves freezes only in winter. This is when they become one of the most breathtaking natural phenomena: the Crystal Caves. Two of the most popular glaciers for winter ice cave tours are Vatnajokull, in South East Iceland, and Langjokull in the South West. It is a must do experience and travellers make a trip back to Iceland just to experience this! 

And just because its winter, you don’t need to miss out on your Hot Pools. You can swim outside every day, even in winter. The Blue Lagoon and the other pools are all naturally heated, so worry not.

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