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7 Reasons to visit Ladakh this year!

The best time to visit Ladakh is from June until September, the region’s summer season. At this time, Ladakh is an unparalleled paradise, with clear, stunning views and warm and sunny weather. Let’s take you through why you should visit Ladakh this year!

b2ap3_thumbnail_1_20160715-124907_1.jpgIn between two mountain ranges is an oasis land that holds the Stakna Gompa – translated as the Land of High Passes. The oasis is known as the Tiger’s Nose. The water, greenery and openness is complemented by the surrounding mountains looming over the temples in the area.Visit the gorgeous monasteries – Hemis, Thiksey, Spituk and so many more.

b2ap3_thumbnail_2_20160715-124912_1.jpgWho doesn’t love a bowl of hearty soup with noodles. Just imagine that there is a mystical spice hidden in the valley that top-ups the steamy momos to a lip smacking snack… and lashing of red chilli in the bowl of thukkpa will just counteract the chilly and dry winds ensuing a great solace

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b2ap3_thumbnail_flag.jpgMany colorful flags making your journey from challenging to serene shifting your travels inward rather than outward into the remote corners of your own soul.

b2ap3_thumbnail_smile_20160715-140814_1.jpgA smile on every face and a ‘Julay’ on every lip, Ladakh is one of the friendliest parts of India. People serve not for money but with an honesty and hospitality that is heart warming.

Anywhere you look in Ladakh, just click and it will be one of the best shots you will take in your life. The stark blue sky against the naked landscape, the starry night sky against the silhouette of the mountains, the photogenic bridges standing bravely over bursting water streams are all the stuff of imagination.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_6_20160715-140316_1.jpgLadakh is a trekker’s paradise. And even if you’re not a regular trekker, there are some easy routes that you can do, because this is a great way to experience Ladakh.There are tons of excellent options for trekking through the lovely Zanskar Valley (remember to try the white-water rafting too when you’re there) and the Nubra valley.

b2ap3_thumbnail_7_20160715-140318_1.jpgLadakh’s traditions are influenced by the Tibetan culture, and you will find a lot of similarity in the two. Visit the gorgeous monasteries – Hemis, Thiksey, Spituk and so many more. The festivals are not just vibrant and unique in their own ways, but if you trigger the traveller inside you… you will find a sensational vibe of ritual that drives away the evil spirit.

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