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Top Fashion Bloggers share their favorite fashion destination around the world

They say the style is a global language, and you can find fashion and style in every nook and corner of the world. We asked top Indian fashion bloggers which destination, according to them, is the most fashionable one and here’s what they had to say:

1. Akanksha Rendhu - Akanksha started her blog in 2010 to express her ideas, inspirations and day dreams. Gradually her blog evolved and became more fashion and lifestyle oriented. She now writes about Fashion & Lifestyle, Beauty, travel, events and her shopping wish lists. The Economic Times voted her blog as one of the top most trend blogs in India.

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Akanksha Rendhu

Most fashionable destination: Milan

“It's a stunning place to get inspired by street fashion on a daily basis where you can discover that true style comes from effortless dressing, elegance can be achieved with the simplest of clothing choices and that classic basic pieces that last you a lifetime are the truest form of luxury.”

Corso Como, Milan

A picture clicked by Akanksha in Corso Como, Milan

2. Shaily Khera - A Journalism & Mass Communication graduate with an MSc in Fashion and Technology, Shaily is now a Fashion editor at ELITE magazine. She has held major blogging assignments with companies like Amazon, Aldo, UCB, Sula Vineyards, Swarovski, Gillette, Himalaya Personal Care & various other luxury consumer products, and most recently, with Marks & Spencer & Sublime Factory. She’s also the founder of confessionzofacloset.com where she shares OOTDs, cool DIY posts and videos, and chic styling suggestions.

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Shaily Khera

Most fashionable destination: Dubai

“During my last couple of trips to the U.A.E., I realised Dubai hands-down is the most fashionable and fashion conscious city at the moment. It's a place of amalgamation of the world fashion with so many visitors, and people relocating from around the world to make their careers, they all bring a taste of their country or from where they come and that sort of adds to the charm of the city. Everybody you see there is aware of what's happening in the current fashion scene and is dressed to the T. It also is a perfect destination to shop with every fashion and luxury brand's presence in the Middle East for its fashion conscious people. I feel myself most fashionably inspired during my trips to Dubai.“ 

Shaily's photoshoot for Ferrari California-T in Dubai

Shaily in Dubai for Photoshoot for Ferrari California-T

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3. Tanya Virmani - She is a Luxury Fashion & Travel Blogger from Delhi. Her blog, Let's Expresso is one of the top Fashion Blogs of India. She is working with the leading brands and writes on latest launches, events and trends.

Tanya is an English Hons from Delhi University and alumni of NIFT, Delhi.

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Tanya Virmani

Most fashionable destination: New York City

“I would say New York City because that's the place where you can see walking talking mannequins on the road. The city has a charm, an amalgamation of modern and extrovert thinking. The fashion is so relaxed yet so chic. You can just be yourself in whatever you wear.

New York City, USA

4. Tanvi Rastogi - Describes herself as a modern-day-nomad. Tanvi grew up in India and later moved on to live in 5 countries and 8 cities. She is a noted social media influencer, an entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, a closet philosopher, among other things, who is always seeking wanderlust. She is infamous for her strong opinions and give-a-damn attitude. She shares her musings at tanvii.com and is also on all social media platforms.

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Tanvi Rastogi

Most fashionable destination: London

Personally, I think London is the most stylish city. Period. People express themselves with their clothes like no other city I have visited. However, if I had to pick one from my recent travels, then it would have to be Stockholm. It was a complete contrast to London, but the clean lines and the cut of their clothes made an impression on me. Though, mostly dressed in the tones of black, blue and grey, both men and women, were quite stylish. There was something extremely striking and sharp about their sartorial choices.


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5. Gia Kashyap - The founder of the fashion blog giasaysthat.com and an accomplished professional. As a kid, she was fond of doodling as her notebooks would be filled with doodles of people, clothing & shoes. She then went on to become a graphic designer and started her own t-shirt business at 18. At 21 she got an opportunity to write as a fashion columnist and from there began her journey as a fashion blogger.

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Gia Kashyap

Most fashionable destination: Bangkok

“My favorite fashionable destination would be Bangkok. The women and men in Bangkok dress so well yet it looks so effortless. Even a simple look like a plain t-shirt and jeans looks so good on them as they carry it off with so much confidence." 

Bangkok Bangkok

6. Riaan George - He is India's No.1 Luxury Travel and Men's Fashion Blogger. He's the editor in chief of the blog Urban Eye. He's also a luxury journalist, columnist, magazine editor and ex-editor of L'officiel.

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Riaan George

Most fashionable destination: Bondi Beach, Sydney

“My most fashionable destination is Bondi Beach, Sydney. This is due to the fact that the Bondi beach neighbourhood is stylish and lively with a number of organic cafes, art galleries and waterfront restaurants. (Paradise Road Kitchen is my favourite restaurant.) Among my other favourites is the Bondi Iceberg club and of course surfing lessons!”

Riaan at Bondi Beach, Sydney Riaan at Bondi Beach, Sydney

Riaan at Bondi Beach

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