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The 2022 travel Wishlist is here by The Blueberry Trails

The beginning of a year is always an exciting time, innit? With fresh beginnings come the fragrance of new possibilities, new pathways, new junctures that we move towards. It’s a bit romantic and brave to hope for new powerful beginnings, so here’s wishing for a great new year with plentiful adventures. The countries shortlisted feature high on traveler aspirations and we have also kept ease of travel and safety in mind:



Greece: Greece is history, Greece is islands, Greece is windmills and sunsets, Greece is volcanic islets, Greece is island hopping, Greece is coffee. Greece makes a perfect getaway for the single traveller and the couple alike. The gem in the mediterranean has too much to offer and 8-10 days will pass by like a breeze. Take is slow and hop on to the catamarans that head out form Athens to discover the islands. Spend your days snoozing in the son, going for swims and taking it easy. Or catch up on all your history notes in and around Athens. Greece is powerful, Greece is lovely! Come away!



Scotland: Scotland has its time in the sun this year, as it features on the wishlist for the year. Often overlooked for the more glamorous England, it is time that Scotland got some love of its own. The land of magical landscapes, castled, lochs and breweries, it is a great destination for the lover of the outdoors. The cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow are a melting pot of cultures and the people are so fun, and kind and nice that it makes the trip all worthwhile. Go on a Harry Potter tale, or go chasing fictional monsters hiding within lakes. Scotland sure is a treasure, waiting to be discovered.


Vietnam: With easing quarantine rules for the vaccinated, the country is finally opening up to foreign travellers after being closed since march 2020. The beauty of the country has lived up to its mythical status. And there is something for every kind of traveller here. For the adventure seekers the mountains of the midlands await, for the history you have the cities to explore and then the south eastern beaches will not let you down. 



Switzerland: The country in the heart of Europe, boasts of one of the most efficient train systems in the world. There are mountain trains, cable cars, funiculars and glacier stations for you to experience. But apart from that, the alpine regions, the mountain chalets, the smaller villages are the old towns add up to make a lovely basket of offerings for a cultural traveller. The lakes, boat rides, frescos, spas and boutique stays make for a fabulous holiday and you can surely consider Switzerland for your family summer option for the said reasons. 




Malta: This island nation falls a little short of Sicily and Africa and floats in the wondrous Mediterranean with beautiful things to offer. Go for a stunning adventure to the blue grotto or soak in the beauty of Vallette as you spend your day walking around. Admire the architecture, te history, the food or the spectacular landscape that the country offers and spend a week or more lazing around, to take it slow. Malta is a new entrant for our wish list destination and it promises a great holiday. 




Hungary: Budapest is a classical beauty. It often gets overlooked due to its more glamorous neighbours of Prague and Vienna, but its is a gem which few know about. Apart from the bridges that bring together the two banks of Buda and Pest, the gorgeous architecture, comprising of spires, gargoyle, staircases, fountains on either side of the Rhine will take your breath away. Ruin pubs, the Jewish neighbourhood, the latin neighbourhood, the farmers market, the history and literature all pack quite a punch. Head out to Szentendre , 20kms from Budapest for an artistic dreamy getaway. Other attractions are Eger, Lake Balaton, Aggtelek, Lillafured, each with its own charm. You can easily look at spending 7-10 days in this east European gem. 



Australia: This one is for a once in a lifetime experience kind of lists. The country packs a punch with its international cities boasting of the best food scene in the world, the outback and the countryside is another deal all together. The clear blue waters of the north, the beaches of the west and south, the ayers rock, the thick forests, the canyons and the rugged landscape will give the thrill seekers something definitive to take home. 



France: France is so much more than Paris. Explore the old towns of Alsace, get lost in its history and food and the cutest fairy tale inspire wooden houses. Or head down south to the lavender fields of Provence, or hob nob with the rich and famous at the French Riviera. For those looking for some dramatic architecture head to the craggy coasts of Normandy and bask in the sun of Mon St. Michael. The chateaus of Loire valley are another wonder of the country. Wine and forts and rolling meadows of Champagne. Paris will welcome you home with its macaroons and high fashion and its sense of romance, which you will soak in, whether you go with your loved ones or solo! Its infectious!


Egypt: One cannot think of Egypt and not conjure the images of the Pyramids of Giza. The last surviving of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, they are one of the world's most recognizable landmarks. Once in Egypt cruising the nile becomes a lifeline to the nation. Take the river ferry across to Elephantine Island and stroll the colorful streets of the Nubian villages in Aswan. But apart from temples and villages, one can go diving in the red sea, soak in the sun in the South Sinai beaches, or hang out at Alexandria, home of Cleopatra, and razzmatazz renegade city of the Mediterranean for much of its life. Egypt is a treasure and one has to go there to experience this otherworldly beauty.


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