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The year 2017 has come to an end. I don’t know about you, for me, it was a mixed bag of experiences, which makes me look forward to 2018 with starry eyes and a head full of dreams. We've been busy designing beautiful journeys for our travellers at The Blueberry Trails HQ and we have our 2018 wishlist chalked out, based on our trips. So here’s us announcing the definitive list of top destinations for 2018! Get set and let's go!

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Traveller Of The Month
Sahil & Karuna
Our trip to Eastern Europe was a journey straight out of a fairytale. That's almost as comprehensive a compliment we can pour on Sudeepta and her team of superheroes lead by Ketaki at The Blueberry Trails. This lot know what they're doing because they've actually been to the places they send us. And that's why they design a trip so intricately around our needs, that we will always keep coming back for bespoke vacays. But just to say that they really get us, won't cut it. We have to commend their thorough knowledge of all the places they sent us to, with a complete what-to-do-where-and-when itinerary. Whether it was our quirky adventure in Bohemian Prague, or our waltzing through palaces, museums & operas of Magical Vienna, or for that matter even a quick rest from all the decadence with a stop at a ski resort in Innsbruck, this trip had all the beauty that the eye could behold. After we filled our lungs with fresh cold mountain air, our journey took us to Surreal Salzburg where one could actually sense that the hills were alive with the sound of music. And as if that wasn't mushy enough, they make our holiday even more romantic by surprising us with a little trip to a quaint little tucked away lake village surrounded by majestic mountains all around it. This spot of heaven called Hallstatt was by far, the most ethereal place on earth never to be discovered by many. But we got to experience it in all its splendour because of The Blueberry Trails. And their sound knowledge about their clients. They know what we'd like, what all we'd love and what we'd be grateful for. And they put all that information about us to custom-make the most awesome holidays we could ever hope for. Oh, did we forget to mention how they made us end our adventure in Sexy ol'Budapest? Oh yeah, complete with trips to the Baths & a Banging Nightlife, we just couldn't have asked for a more memorable Babymoon. Yup, you read right. They sent us on a Babymoon to some of the most exotic destinations in Europe. How do we thank The Blueberry Trails? We have such wonderful stories to share with our little one, for our Baby was with us in Mommy's tummy all along... was an awesome experience travelling with The Blueberry Trails. 

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Customer Testimonial of The Blueberry Trails Paris and Switzerland
The overall trip was very well planned and executed. We had a great time at all destinations. The instructions on local commute were very accurate and we had no problems getting around. They also booked the rightly located hotels where we could cover most of the attractions by foot.

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